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Safeguard PAYG

  • Available to Pay As You Go customers.
  • No exit fees.

HomeEnergy Fix Jul 2019

  • Fixed price energy until 31st July 2019
  • No exit fees

HomeEnergy Tracker Sep 2019

  • Fixed length tariff until 30th September 2019.
  • We track the standard variable Direct Debit.
  • No exit fees.
  • For more information, click here

HomeEnergy Secure Jun 2020

  • Fixed price energy until 30th June 2020
  • Control everything with an online account.
  • Exit fee of £40 per fuel.

Everything Online Aug 2019

  • Fixed price energy until 31st August 2019
  • Manage your account totally online
  • Exit fee of £30 per fuel

Everything Online Green Aug 2019

  • Fixed price energy until 31st August 2019
  • Offset double the carbon footprint created by your gas usage
  • Exit fee of £30 per fuel
  • For more information, click here
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We’ll match 100% of the electricity you use from us on this tariff by purchasing electricity from renewable sources through Guarantees of Origin (GoOs).

We’ll offset double the carbon footprint created from the gas that you use on this tariff until the 30th June 2019. This means that for the electricity you use the same amount of electricity from renewable sources will be fed into the network, and for the gas that you use with us, double the carbon footprint will be offset through carbon emission reduction projects in the developing world.

When green tariffs offer additional benefits to the environment such as lower carbon emissions or donations to environmental organisations this is called ‘additionality’. This tariff does provide additionality. This is because the renewable electricity that is matched to your use is over and above our existing environmental commitments, and we will offset double the gas carbon footprint created from the gas that you use on this tariff through Certified Emissions Reduction Certificates (CERs).

With this tariff you will also need to set up an online account with us to manage everything totally online. We will ask you for an email address and get you to set up a password. You will also need to arrange a smart meter upgrade (if eligible). With smart meters, you’ll be able to see exactly what you are using in pounds and pence.

We’ll match 100% of your electricity consumption on this tariff with Guarantees of Origin (GoOs). This means purchasing certificates that guarantee electricity has been generated from a renewable source to match the electricity that you’ll use. Certified Emission Reduction Certificates (CERs) come from emission-reduction projects in developing countries. They are issued by the United Nations and are each equivalent to one tonne of CO2.

Please note, the electricity and gas you use won’t be exactly the same energy that was generated from the renewable sources. For more information about our fuel mix, environmental benefits which are in addition to our legal obligations, UK Government support for renewable energy supply and how electricity is physically distributed have a look at our PDF below.

Green Tariffs.pdf

HomeEnergy Tracker is a fixed length energy tariff that tracks the average Standard variable Direct Debit prices of seven suppliers (E.ON, SSE, Scottish Power, npower, EDF, First Utility and Ovo).

It will follow price movements of seven suppliers’ Standard variable prices by tracking the average Standard variable Direct Debit prices of these suppliers and reviewing the price on a three monthly basis. 

  • Calculating your price - Your price is based on the average Standard variable standing charge and unit rates (inclusive of VAT) of seven suppliers. These prices are based on Direct Debit rates and do not include any paperless billing/online discounts that the suppliers may offer, but do include dual fuel discounts. The unit rates and standing charges will depend on which region you are in. 
  • Initial price - The initial prices for the tariff before the first review will be calculated from the average unit rate and standing charge of the seven suppliers as of 8pm on the 16th April 2018. These rates will not include any paperless/online discounts that suppliers offer, but will include any dual fuel discounts. These prices will be taken from the Energylinx Energy Index. For more information click here.
  •  Price reviews - Your prices will be reviewed on a three monthly basis using the Energylinx Energy Index taking the prices at 8pm on the following dates – 16th August 2018, 16th November 2018, 16th February 2019, with the last review on the 16th May 2019. You will be contacted by email within two weeks of a price review with any changes to your standing charge and unit rates. It will also include the actual date that your prices are changing. The price change will occur between seven to fourteen days after the email has been sent.

With this tariff you will also need to set up an online account with us to manage everything totally online. We will ask you for an email address and get you to set up a password.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a kilowatt hour (kWh)?

A kWh stands for kilowatt hour – the unit used to measure energy use. 1 kWh will power a 40 watt light bulb for 25 hours.

What is a Personal Projection?
Your Personal Projection is an estimate of what you’re likely to pay over the next 12 months. We work it out using the unit rate for where you live, daily standing charge, any applicable discounts and how much energy we think you’ll use in the next 12 months. It includes VAT.
What happens if I change the way I pay?

If you move from Direct Debit to pay by Cash or Cheque, your unit rate will increase. You can see the difference between Direct Debit and Cash or Cheque rates by updating your personalised quote. We’ll always give you seven days’ notice before we change the way you pay, though. These prices are all correct as of 1st August 2017.

Do I need to tell my current supplier I'm switching?
No - once you've given us your details and confirmed that you want to switch, we'll handle everything for you.
How can I find out about the Energy Switch Guarantee?

Switching energy should be easy and hassle free. That’s why we’ve signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee. Find out more at